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MyDEV Meeting

The meeting is intended for scientists at any stage of their career who are interested in physiological and abnormal embryonic development, in order to boost networking among developmental biologists in the Milan area.
MyDEV2021 will be held on the 17th of September 2021, with the opening lecture by recently appointed President of the European Research Council Maria Leptin (EMBL and University of Cologne, Germany).

    A big THANK YOU to the MyDEV2021 attendees, both virtual and in presence, for your contribution     to a wonderful day of amazing science!
    Thanks to professor Maria Leptin for sharing with us wonderful work about the mechanics of cell     rearrangements during early embryo development and for her contagious commitment to     fundamental research. 
    We are grateful to our sponsor, the company of Biologists and to University of Milan and Universit√†     Vita e Salute San Raffaele. See you all and more for MyDEV2023!
    Best wishes for a great academic year 21/22 from organizers Anna Cariboni Filippo Casoni     Alessandro Fantin Valentina Massa Graziella Messina Thomas Vaccari.


Guest speaker

Maria Leptin

ERC Director 
@ EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany (Leptin lab);
@ Institute of Genetics at University of Cologne, Germany. 


Selected talks from early career scientists 

Selected talks from PhD students and postdocs


Poster session at Orto Botanico

Present your latest research findings in a friendly environment. Prizes wil be given to the best oral and poster presentations.